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Tippmann Stovepipe Hopper Adapter

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Tippmann Stovepipe Hopper Adapter

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Feed   Review by
Q: will this affect the amount of paint that will feed into my cyclone? i dont want to be missing paint when i go full auto.

also will my hopper be on a 45 degree angle?
thank you

A: Yes you hopper will be on an angle. It will increase the capacity by around 15 balls.
If you want to have your hopper straight, have a look at the H18 version:
Hopper conflicting with your rail setup? Well take a look...   Review by
I bought one of these things to stick on my LMG36 marker for the sole reason that I could get a decent grip of the carry handle I had attached, thanks to the hopper. This little chap sorted that problem out. So if your hopper is being a little defiant with the accessories on your top rail, then it's worth considering.

Please, however, bare in mind that it'll increase the height of your hopper by a good inch, and stick it at a nice 45 degree angle or so. Throw in a relatively large hopper, and you'll have a pretty big bulk sticking out.

The stove is pretty stiff in the A5 (as many have mentioned). So it should be, really. Using your hopper for a bit of support when taking it off is recommended though. Some hoppers I found (such as my 400 round) were extremely difficult to fit into the stovepipe, due to the bump that locks it in being larger than other ones (like the X7's low profiler). A Handfile sorts that out.

In all honesty, its a nice accessory for helping out with your rail items - but only that. If you've got no problem with your hopper/rail configuration, then the hopper's angle is only going to make your marker a bigger target
camppacitey   Review by
it wont hold that much paint balls and the compasity must be 50 or less

Mod comment : You can put the loader on top if you need more capacity.
BT Combat   Review by
Q: will this fit onto the BT combat?

A: This will fit Rip Clip and Cyclone hopper systems.
This isn't for basic hoppers.
Ok....But Has Faults   Review by
Q: Yo, just bought one of these they good for clearing up your line of sight but try taking the damn thing off and on your A5. They a rite pain dead stiff to get on and off. That is the only problem i found. other than that 7/10 for doing its job.

A: It is quite hard to fit because of previous models: used to be really easy to put on, but people were losing them (falling down) during game (running, ...).
I guess it is better to spend a bit more time to fit it on, that to try to find it back during game.
need to know?   Review by
Q: will this fit onto a tippmann bravo one tactical and a tippmann x7 low profile hopper ?

A: It will fit on the X7 low profile hopper but not on the bravo one directly, you will need a Tippmann Cyclone Hopper
Helpful   Review by
I bought a sight and I couldn't get it on the rail because the hopper was in the way of the rail, even if I could get it on the hopper was in the way. If you are going to do anything with the rail, you need this.
scopes   Review by
Q: will this make the hopper slightly ofset so i could fit a scope on does it fit a tpn sierra one ?

A: You will need a Cyclone Hopper to use the stovepipe. This is designed to have the hopper offset to use a scope.
rip clip   Review by
Q: does this fit the bt rip clip ?

A: Yes it does !
BT   Review by
Q: WIll this fit a Bt iron horse? if not any idea what sort of hopper i could get too fit so i can have a scope mount and scopes??

A: It will fit a BT Iron Horse if and only if you are using a BT Rip Clip on your Iron Horse.
I'm affraid there is no other option than using both Rip Clip And Stovepipe to use a scope in really good conditions.
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