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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Package

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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Package

Value for money
34 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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quality first gun   Review by
Value for money
i brought this marker in 2010 i would recomend it to anyone intrested in buying a first marker .. it's easy to upgrade and maintain..
Tippmann Bravo   Review by
Q: if i bought the 3000psi air system would it already come filled up if not where could i get it filled up?

A: All refillable bottle come empty. You can fill them on paintball fields where you play.
co2 cans   Review by
Q: where can i get refils for my co2 cans?

A: Normally your local paintball site.
what's better   Review by
Q: what's better the tactical one bravo or the bt omega?

A: Not a lot in it choose the one you like the look of best in my opinion.
how much ?   Review by
Q: how much would this cost without te carry bag and the nack guard ?

A: Give us a call with a list of what you need and we can do you a special price. 01325 242419
does the gun use 0.68 calibre paintball ?   Review by
Q: does the gun use 0.68 calibre paintball ?

A: Yes it is 0.68
HELP PLEASE   Review by
Q: Do you have to have insurance to own a paintball gun??

A: No but you might want to think about it.
mounting   Review by
Q: is it possible to mount a sight onto this gun as it has the weird thing behiond the hopper and i thouhgt what is the point in buying a sight if u cannot seen anything

cheers ;)

A: No
hopper   Review by
Q: is the hopper electrical fed or air fed??

A: This is a gravity feed hopper.
custom package   Review by
hi im looking for my first gun as i am starting paintballing ive been before and loved it i own many airsoft guns but cant find any north east sites so im starting paintballing at pointblank darlington. could you create a package for me consisting of a full co2 bottle hopper and some cheap paintballs and if possible a carry handle scope mount

A: Please contact us 01325 24 24 19 to get the help you are looking for.
ease of power source change   Review by
Q: Hi interested in taking up paintballing as i used to shoot air rifles just asking is it easy to change to dissposable co2 capsules if you dont want to use the refill type
as sometimes you my not be able to get somewhere to rifill .

A: Yes you can chop and change from refillable bottles to disposable bottles as you wish.
Bravo one tactical   Review by
Q: Can the bravo one tac be used on any site without having to be with pros?

A: You will need to contact your site to be sure.
Asap   Review by
Q: What upgrades or add ons can you get with this package e.g sights or scopes an bipods?
Respond asap thanx

A: You can change the barrel, add a sight/scope, mount a bipod, light, lasersight ...
what colour   Review by
Q: what colour is this black or grey or even something?

A: The mask is Black (or really dark grey)
E-trigger   Review by
Q: has this product got an e trigger?
If not how much is one and where could i get it from?

A: The marker do not come with a e-trigger.
You can find the upgrade kit there: http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/marker-upgrades-accessories/accessories-bravo-one/tippmann-bravo-one-sierra-one-e-trigger.html
hopper   Review by
Q: where can i get the same hopper as in the picture and how much do you think it would be?

A: We have them in stock - give us a call - I think they are £4.95 - 01325 242419
delivering   Review by
Q: do you deliver to ireland?

A: Yes we do, please contact us, or we will contact you when processing your order. The maximum shipping fee for Ireland is 9.95 (for order of more than 100 euro)
hi   Review by
Q: how much would it be without the vest and ball pots ?

A: For any change please contact us on 01325 24 24 19.
?   Review by
Q1: is it a good gun
Q2: is the B4 tippman better

A: This is a good marker !
A2: The BT-4 will be better when upgraped, but it will cost you a bit more than this package.
You won't be disapointed by either the Bt-4 package or this bravo one package.
mag   Review by
Q: does the magazine come out to fill with up paintballs like a real gun?

A: No, you will need a hopper to feed your marker.
question   Review by
Q: where can i get the paints from and what size and cost is it? can u get this gun cheaper? is it a good buy for a first buyer and how many paints does it shoot per sec?

A: It is a good first time buyer marker that takes standard 0.68 calibre paintballs which are available on this site - have a look under paintballs - unless stated all paintballs are standard 0.68 calibre.
service/speed/paints   Review by
Q.do u have to sevice this gun? if you do do you have to pay/and how often?
Q.how many does it paintball does it fire?
Q. can u buys the paints from the shop or does it need particular size paint and were can i get them?

A: Yes it will need servicing but is easy and you should be able to do it yourself - it should be done cleaned every few months and serviced properly every year. It will fire about 6-8 bps as standard. It take 0.68 calibre paintballs - thats the standard size that all our paint is if not specified.
confuesd   Review by
Q: okay im thinking about geting this gun package but im a bitconfued what typ of paintballs do i gt 0.5 calliber or 0.65 sumbody plz help :)

A: The Bravo One is designed for use of .68 caliber paintballs.
what do you mean by refill co2 before use   Review by
Q: does the gun come with a fill co2 tank/if so how do i get a fill one ?

A: The tank cannot be shipped full so you will need to get the tank filled at your local site before you use it.
co2 bottle   Review by
Q: do the co2 bottles come complete with pin valve to refill them

A: Yes they are ready to go!
what is the avarage range of a marker and whats best one to buy as a whole package for a new comer of the sport./   Review by
Q: im thinking about purchasing tippman bravo one package

A: Average range of a paintball marker is accurate to about 200ft. For advise about which to purchase give us a call on 01325 242419 and we will point you in the right direction for what you want from the marker.
Air   Review by
Q: can this marker use AIR instead of CO2?

A: Any marker can use Air instead of CO2, you may need to check the velocity after changing CO2 for Air, but nothing else...
cost/air   Review by
Q: do most paintballing sites charge for bottle refills?
A: Yes usually about £2 - If you are playing on the site it will normally be free.

Q: what is the fps of this marker with this size co2 bottle?
A: it will do up to 300fps
sights   Review by
Q: would i be able to fit a sight to the hand rail/if not the hand rail,can one be attached ?

A: it might fit but it is not really a good idea tbh.
Question   Review by
Q:How many BPS can this shoot?

A: About 6 - 8 basically as fast as you can pull the trigger.
how   Review by
Q:how do you fill the air co2 thing and where do you fill it?

A: You will need to go to your local paintball site.
Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Package   Review by
Q:if i bye this paintball marker (gun) can u fill up the gas for me ....do paint balling sites let u in if you have own gun?????? thanx

A: We can if you buy it in store but cannot ship it full.
1st gun   Review by
Q: is there a shop to come and look at the guns ifso where is it ?????

A: Yes we have a huge store in Darlington but if you cannot get there by all means give us a call and we can advise you 01325 242419
first buy   Review by
Q: if i buy this as soon as i get it can i use it straight away or do i need to buy other stuff for the gun?

A: You won't need anything else but you will need to get your bottle filled before you can play.
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