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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

Value for money
156 Review(s)

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Love it Review by Raptor
Value for money
This was my first marker and i still use it today, its never let me down, works well with a cobra hose as well. Would say its a great starter marker. (Posted on 25/06/2013)
Good gun Review by scott
Value for money
i have this gun and it is a very good marker, and a very low price for what your getting. it is quite light and everything is easy to upgrade. the only problem i had is that sometimes the stock fell off in a game but you can easily build it into the gun. also, if you want to put a sight on (i have a red dot) you will need the cyclone upgrade kit or a low profile hopper otherwise the hopper will be in the way. i have a rail, red dot, cyclone and low hopper, bi pod, apex barrel, and hopefully soon, an e grip. there is no need to buy a more expensive gun as this is more than capable of doing the job needed on the field. (Posted on 27/07/2012)
gas Review by jammiedodger
Q: how long will the gas last before i have to refill it again ?

A: It depend what bottle you are using. (Posted on 05/01/2012)
shroud Review by Joe
Q: can you put things on the shroud or is it a fake piece of plastic.

A: The shroud is in composite, there is no tactical rail on this one. If you would like to add accessories on the shroud, have a look at the Tippmann Sierra One. (Posted on 13/12/2011)
Stock Review by Mango
Q: Can the stock come off the marker?

A: Yes, you only have to remove a screw to remove the stock. (Posted on 03/12/2011)
Distence Review by Danny
Q: How far will this gun shoot and how fast?

A: This marker will shot at around 40 meters, at 7 or 8 ball per second. (Posted on 19/11/2011)
aftermarket rail Review by richie
Q: if i put a rail on the carry handle, would the hopper be in the way of a red dot mounted on the rail?

A: The hopper will slightly hide the top right of the line of sight. (Posted on 14/11/2011)
is it good begginer gun ? Review by Kristoff
Q: Is it good begginer gun ?

A: Yes, this marker is good, easy to use and reliable. (Posted on 11/11/2011)
gas Review by dddon
Q: Does the gas come with this or do you have to buy speratley?

A: You will have to get it separately. (Posted on 31/10/2011)
d Review by painbal master
Q: doe this come with a e trigger ?

A: no it doesn't, you can upgrade it : http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/marker-upgrades-accessories/bravo-one-sierra-one/tippmann-bravo-one-sierra-one-e-trigger-upgrade.html (Posted on 29/10/2011)
Stores Review by Aaron D
Q: Do you have any stores in Tottenham ?

A: No we are based in the North East. (Posted on 29/09/2011)
package Review by damon
Q: ive looked at your packages for the bravo one tactical and i already have some of the gear how much would it be for the bravo one tactical ,hopper,co2 12 oz canister thanks

A: Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19. (Posted on 19/09/2011)
gas Review by will
Q: do you have to use this gun with gas? thanks

A: Yes, you will need either liquid co2 or HPA (compressed air). (Posted on 14/09/2011)
mag Review by h3y
Q: can you shoot with the mag ?

A: No you can't, the mag is only a fake, allowing to store tools and for a better style. (Posted on 10/09/2011)
gas Review by adam
Q: what gas do you use ?

A: Liquid co2 or HPA (compressed air)
(Posted on 08/09/2011)
barrel Review by rik
Q: What is the best barrel to use with this marker keeping with the m16 look ?

A: H18 M16 barrel :) (Posted on 03/09/2011)
Tool kit Review by Aaron
Q: does this gun come with a tool kit ?

A: It come with allen keys, tippmann lube and some orings. (Posted on 29/08/2011)
stocks Review by Aaron D
Q: will this gun still be in stock around next year april ?

A: I would think so but can't guarantee it. (Posted on 24/08/2011)
feeding system Review by Aaron
Q: does this gun come with an feedneck ?

A: Yes it does. (Posted on 24/08/2011)
E trigger Review by Aaron
Q: does this gun come with an E trigger or do you have to buy that separately ?

A: This one is the one with E Trigger: http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/paintball-guns/tippmann/tippmann-bravo-one-tactical-e-grip-marker.html
Else you can buy it separately (but it's more expensive): http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/marker-upgrades-accessories/accessories-bravo-one/tippmann-bravo-one-sierra-one-e-trigger-upgrade.html (Posted on 23/08/2011)
... Review by Jesse
Q: How can I put the 98 double trigger on the bravo one?

A: You can't do it without major body modification as the trigger guard is metal and not removable. (Posted on 05/08/2011)
hopper Review by Ross
Q: Can a cyclone hopper fit on this marker.


A: Yes, the Cyclone upgrade for Tippmann 98 do fit this marker: http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/hoppers-loaders/tippmann/tippmann-98-cyclone-feed-system.html (Posted on 05/08/2011)
A5 or Bravo one Review by Sean
Q: Hey! Which Marker is better, the a5 or the Bravo one?

A: The Tippmann A5 offer better performances, and a Cyclone hopper comes with it. While the Bravo one offer a incredibly nice look ! (Posted on 25/07/2011)
how do you knoe wat will go with it Review by david
Q: What bottle and hopper gose with this ?

A: Any normal hopper will fit on this marker, and all co2 (12, 16 or 20oz) or air system will fit this marker. (Posted on 23/07/2011)
Question? Review by Spence
Q: Where does the hopper, and c02 tank fit?

If the hopper fits on top does this make it harder to aim?

A: The hopper will fit on the top (it's slightly offset on the right); making it a bit harder to aim, but not much.
The Co2 tank will for on the bottom of the grip. (Posted on 12/07/2011)
Question Review by Newbravoone
Question: what kinda of hopper does it fit, just a regualr 200 ball hopper or is there a specific one for this gun ?

A: A regular hopper will fit on this one. (Posted on 06/07/2011)
RT Review by kane
Q: how much would it cost to add a RT ?

A: There is no RT kit for Bravo one. (Posted on 15/06/2011)
i need help because i am lokking for a cheap but reliable marker Review by some epic dude
Q: can you take of the carrying handle and replace it with a rail?

A: No you can't. But you can use the RAP4 tri-rail : http://www.store.justpaintball.co.uk/marker-upgrades-accessories/accessories-bravo-one/rap4-tri-rail-base.html (Posted on 23/05/2011)
Hi Review by Newbie with Manboobie
Q: Does the bravo one come with a mag?
if so is a hopper beter? like does the mag hold enough bullets??

A: The Bravo One doesn't comme with any hopper. The mag is a fake, you can only store allen keys inside. (Posted on 15/03/2011)
paintballs Review by jackso
Q: what size paintballs are used????

A: This marker use 0.68 paintballs. (Posted on 11/03/2011)
reasurance before purchase Review by Newbie
Q: Is this gun better than the a5?

A: No, the A5 is a better marker than this one. (Posted on 03/12/2010)
bravo one Review by piggy
Q: Do most paintball places let you use your own gun or do you have to use theirs?

A: Most do now but there its always worth checking with the site you like. (Posted on 01/12/2010)
gun Review by errrrr some one
Q: what is better bt omega or the brovo one?

A: Very little in it choose the one you like the look of best. (Posted on 29/11/2010)
question. Review by jan
Q: where can i buy a spare magazine for this marker?

A: We can have them on order. Please contact us if you are interested. (Posted on 29/11/2010)
Hopper Review by Norman
Q: Do you need one for this gun?

A: Yes, you will need a hopper. (Posted on 05/11/2010)
hopper Review by trigger happy
Q: do you get a hopper with it ?

A: No, you will need to buy one separately. (Posted on 25/09/2010)
i like Review by tom
Q: is this a gun that fires 1 bullet at a time or not ?? :)

A: It is semi-automatic, it shot once per pull on the trigger. (Posted on 12/07/2010)
sight Review by Brad
Q: can u see down the rail when the hopper is on?

R: Yes, but it is better with an offset hopper (like the cylone). (Posted on 15/06/2010)
tippmann bravo one Review by mike
Q: hi there what thread does the tippmann bravo one have and is it possible to put a double trigger on by custimision the body work

A: It is a tipmann 98 thread and you probably can add a double trigger by customizing the body but I really wouldn't recommend it as it will invalidate all waranties etc. (Posted on 07/06/2010)
Never seen these guns Review by shaun
Q: why do you never see anybody using these guns in paintball? normally they look like the VL TRIAD STYLE?

A: These are one of the most popular types of guns that sell - where do you play? (Posted on 25/05/2010)
full auto Review by joe
Q: has this gun got a full automatic setting?

A: Not as standard but you can add an electronic grip later with all firing modes. (Posted on 20/05/2010)
sights Review by dom
Q: do any sights or scopes fit on it or not.

A: Yes we have scopes to fit - give us call and we can sort one out for you 01325242419 (Posted on 15/05/2010)
question Review by Craig
Q: What hoppers fit this?

A: Any hoppers except ones specifically for the A5 / X7 will fit this. (Posted on 12/05/2010)
Question Review by aaron
Q: Does this have a saftey button so you cant fire?

A: Yes but you should also use a barrel sock to be properly safe! (Posted on 09/05/2010)
Cartradge Review by joe
Q: Dose the magazine feed paintballs?

A: No the hopper feeds the paintballs - the magazine is just for show.
(Posted on 05/05/2010)
Great Review by Patches :)
brilliant marker i would recommend it to anyone really
also you can upgrade it a lot ive got rails and a foregrip, red dot sight, cyclone feed and an e trigger and it is just amazing
really really good marker and excellent price
:) (Posted on 05/05/2010)
i want this rifle Review by jamie
Q: i want to buy this but im new to having my own gun. please tell me after i spend £99 what eles i need to make this rifle 100% and ready to use? and with the co2 where and how can i fill it up ?? please list all items im guna need and where to get them from thanks guys?

A: You will need a hopper, Air or CO2 bottle and mask as a bare minimum - have a look at the marker packages section for great deals where you will get everything you need to get started. (Posted on 03/05/2010)
??? Review by playa96
Q: is it heavy and how much would it be for a tactical vest and a hose with it thnkz ?

A: No its not heavy and you are best to give us a call for a bundle and we will do you a deal on it all. (Posted on 30/04/2010)
Paintball Gun Review by Thomas
Q: Does this gun come with a Hopper and a cylinder??

A: This is the gun on its own - have a look in the packages for great deals! (Posted on 30/04/2010)
thinking of purchase Review by aaron
Q: heya im first tiem buyer of a paintball gun, love the sport though bin several tiems and sick of using the basic markers, just wodnerign if i bought this item what else i would need to maintain it and use it , liek gas canisters ext. wair filiters ? :S lol any help would be much appreciated ,, thank you very much :)

A: You will get much better value from a package - have a look in the packages section and give us a call if you need more advice 01325 242419 (Posted on 27/04/2010)
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