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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

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Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

Value for money
156 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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barrel ans stock   Review by
Q: could i purcase the bravo one tactical without the m16 barrel or stock?

A: The only way to have no barrel or stock is to purchase a basic bravo one (not the tactical version)

hopper   Review by
Q: will the Halo B V35 board with FREE Hybrid Shells hopper fit this gun ?

A: Yes it will !
hopper   Review by
Q: would a Tippmann Triumph SL200 Hopper fit this gun?

A: Yes it will. But you should have a look for another hopper, like the overdrive which seems to be better for the price.
Question   Review by
Q: do you have to buy a hopper that holds 200 balls seperatly, or does it come with one, and when you buy it can you just take it down to paintballin as it is , or will they make you buy a air tank, new barrel etc.. ?

A: you will need to buy the hopper separately. You will need at least mask, marker, hopper and bottle before to be able to play.
I am buyin it   Review by
Q: could you put a scope on it? and could you put a normal hopper on it lyk the ones you get at paintballin

A: You will need to find a rail to fit on it to mount a scope.
And Yes you can use normal hopper.
question   Review by
Q: if i wish to change the barrel, can i use a tippmann98 barrel on it? if not what type? and is it the same for the sierra?

A: Tippmann 98 barrel will fit on both Bravo One and Sierra One.
upgrades   Review by
Q: wot can u upgrade on this gun?

A: You can upgrade:
- the barrel (better accuracy)
- mount a e-grip (better rate of fire and nice firing modes)
- better hopper (Cyclone hopper or an electronic hopper)
the hopper   Review by
Q: does the Tippmann X7 Low Profile Hopper fit this gun?

A: No
begginer   Review by
q. hey i am a new player to paintballing how much would it cost to get this gun a hopper that fits?

A: Have a look in the packages section - you can get some really good deals there with everything that you need to start playing.
Not sure   Review by
Q: Were does the hopper fit on to this? Cos i am either gonna get this or the Sierra one! Can I have some advice plz!!!!!!!

A: The hopper will, exactly as on the Sierra One, be slightly off center (on right side). Both Sierra One and the Bravo One tactical are gun markers, but the Sierra One is the latest version, so there is a few little upgraded or new features on it !
Hoppers   Review by
Q: Im really annoyed i love this gun but cant seem to find any hoppers that fit onto it, does it need a cyclone feeder because thats a bit out of my budget, i like th X-7 hipper but it needs a rip clip - i cant find one, can you find a rip clip and if its over £20 list any hopper thet will fit on, thanks!

A: All standard loaders will fit - have a look at viewloader, extreme rage, torque or even a rotor.
Best hopper   Review by
Q: I hired a Bravo one at combat paintball for the day, and was impressed, So i am going to be purchasing one from your site, once i know exactly what i need. I have intensions of putting the m16 barrel on, and the E trigger upgrade, so i will obviously need an electric hopper! What is the best value for money hopper that will do the job? Bearing in mind i am new to the sport, and don't want to throw to much money at it.

A:If you are thinking about the Bravo One then and an M16 barrel then you are better to get the Bravo 1 tactical as it will work out cheaper in the long run. The Extreme Rage loader is probablt the best for you as a starter loader and very reasonably priced. If you need any more advice feel free to give us a call 01325 242419 and we can go into a bit more detail on the phone.
Barrel Length   Review by
Q: What length is the standard barrel on the Bravo one?

A: Its a 10 or 12" so quite short.
question   Review by
Q: can it be mag. fed?

A: I don't think there is any mag. fed possibility on this day.
acceptable   Review by
Q: Is the tippman bravo one tactical aloud in most or all paintball sites ?

A: The tippmann Bravo One Tactical is allowed on most paintball sites.
help   Review by
Q: was just wondering what hopper will fit on this marker?

A: Most Hopper will fit including: VL Hoppers, Empire Hoppers, Extreme Rage Hopper, Dye Hoppers, ....
question   Review by
Q. can u put any upgrades on this gun and does it have a 3 shot burst on the gun?

A: You can upgrade the marker with =
- a E-grip to add firing mode like 3 shot burst
- Barrel for a better accuracy
- better hopper
- ...
question   Review by
Q: does it come all fitted together?

A: Yes ready to rock.
Q   Review by
Q: Does this gun use CO2 or compressed air?

A: The Bravo One can use both Air and Co2
Bravo one review   Review by
Ive owned this marker for about 7 months now and have the e-grip version and have had no problems with it. It has a great weight to it so it feels quite realistic and looks great in my opinion, dont be put off by the plastic parts because they are solid ! the marker can be upgraded more than you think, barrels are interchangeable and use the same thread as the 98 model tippmanns so theres a lot of barrel choice ! You can get a rail that will sit on top of the carry handle for attatching scopes ect, and you can also fit it with the 98 cyclone feeder pretty easily (although now there is actually a kit available that works with both bravo one and 98 models). I strongly advise getting the cyclone feeder upgrade for the e-grip version if you can afford it as it keeps up nicely with the burst/full-auto modes. The standard barrel is pretty acurate and shoots fairly straight but it looks a bit short in my opinion, easily solved with a longer barrel. It may not be to everyones taste but if you like that M16 look then for the money you pay for this marker i just dont think you can beat it !
?????   Review by
Q: is it worth buying an after market barrel for this or is the stock one good enough?

A: The stock barrel is not too bad but lot of user do prefer a H18 M16 barrel to have more accuracy and keep the M-16 style.
jack   Review by
Q: Does helmet come with this gun or would u need to buy it sepratly?

A: There is no Helmet including in the packaging, we will need to buy it separately or to have a look on the Bravo One Package
hi   Review by
Q: can you attach a sniper to the tippmann bravo one tactical

A: Its a tippmann 98 thread - so yes!
caliper/ gun packages   Review by
Q: is there a specific size of paint balls for all guns??
what are the packages available?

A: Nearly all paintball guns use .68calibre paintballs - this ones does. There is only 1 gun on the website that uses the 0.5 calibre ones and that gun is clearly marked on the site. All the balls on the site are .68 with the exception of the 'mini' balls which are .5 calibre
help   Review by
Q: do you get any paintballs when you buy this paintball gun?

A: No you would have to buy the paintballs seperatley.
rails   Review by
Q: hello, i know this marker doesnt have rails/many accesories so i was wondering if i could buy a rail, stick it on and add the accesories to that
if this is not possible is there any other milsim markers under £250 that have rails?

A: Have a look at the BT4 it has rails as standard and is very reliable.
QUESTION ££££££££££   Review by
Q: is the hopper on the side ?:)

A: Yes
QUESTION   Review by

A: On this day Tippmann don't do any Response trigger for Tippmann Bravo One
.   Review by
Brilliant gun, very accurate and not a single chop after about 2000 balls, looks good too.
help   Review by
Q: dose a paintball helmet come with the gun?

A: Only if you order a package that has one with it!
my review   Review by
Q: haw much does it way and is it ol plastic or ol metal?

A: Its metal and fairly heavy
Great   Review by
Its a Great gun its never let me down but its bad that you cant any scopes
help!   Review by
Q:can you add any scopes on this gun? if you cant, what attachments can you add to it?

A: No - there are not a lot of upgrades for these markers.

Help   Review by
Q:Can you attach sights to this gun

A: Not really.
please help   Review by
Q: how many b/s does this gun fire and is it fully automatic?

A: Its semi automatic so will fire as fast as you pull the trigger.
Everything is comes with.   Review by
Q: It it just the gun and it's Tac Pack, or does it come with a hopper as well?

A: This is just the gun but there is a great package available in the packages section of the website.
Q   Review by
Q: Can you use a e-grip on a tippmann bravo one

A: We don't yet have an aftermarket egrip for the bravo 1
Question   Review by
Q:I want to know if this gun is like a machine gun or does it work each time you pull the trigger it fires one shot please answer!!!!! How fast do the paintball come out of it.

A: They are semi automatic so fire everytime the trigger is pulled and fire balls at 300 feet per second
.   Review by
Q. Does it come with a sling like the upgrade package?
Q   Review by
Q: when u buy the tippmann bravo one what comes with it? just the gun?

A: Yes if you just order the gun - have a look in the packages section if you are wanting a full set up
Q   Review by
Q : this gun looks good but does the electric hopper make a difference to it?

A: An electronic hopper will allow you to fire faster.
best paintball gun ever   Review by
the best paintball gun ive ever shot
help   Review by
i just orded this gun i need to know some tips for this gun and also i CANT find a paintball feild in surrey where you bring your own gun and gear can any one please help me. my msn is and my xbox live gamertag is joshyg007 thanks josh
SIKK   Review by


GREAT   Review by

lovin it   Review by
Im so happy i bought this gun.It was cheap and i wasnt let down.First imporession was that it looked a bit plastic,The barrel wont fit my other guns and i was hoping the handle would come of to fit a rail.Ive tested in my yard and it redemmed it self straight away.I got ten shots on target and ive destroyed my fence.The balls go along way i may need to turn it down but im impressed.As a score i would seriously give this a high score.
EXELLENT   Review by
this gun is very accurate and if you put an elctric hopper on it will fire 20+ balls a second it is the best gun i have ever fired as far as accuracey it is worth buying and at a grate price this gun is a good gun for a starter or a pro. i play woodsball the gun i use is the tippmann x7 but the bravo beats the x7 hands down. i had no faults with the tippmann bravo works on co2 and air best gun on the market today


paint ball gun   Review by
my freind got one and i used it is was amazing and i am going to get one when they come in stock i am so going to get one big style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great   Review by
this gun is the best gun i have
AMAZING   Review by
this gun is the best gun ever im so getting 1 hehe ill just have to get 1 when they are in stock which hopefully won't be long yay!
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